Let there be peace within and out

We so badly want to fit in.Dont we?Whether it be the friends circle,the family circle ,the colleague circle.We just want to fit in.We go to great extents to just be the perfect person they want us to be.We fail to realise the society is a mere spectator.They mock,they make you do the drill.

I want to take you to this beautiful theatre,whose curtains are blood red in color.Unlike any other theatres there is a seat only for you and me.We are seated comfortably.The curtains rise .The last scene of the Elephant Man!!!

Mr. John Merrick completes his model of the church outside his window.There is utter satisfaction.After having gone through so much in his life;after having people mock at him,terrify him,with their beastly behavior;he maintains a positive note about the world.He stares at the walls to see the paintings of a young boy who is fast asleep on his bed.The condition of his body which has succumbed multiple ruptures does not allow him to sleep like a normal human being.Yet that one strong feeling to fit in;to be one among the others;causes him to sleep like a normal human being;which causes his neck to fracture,and he loses his life.

We are civilised human beings.Everything has a reason ;every soul has got a purpose.We should respect people for what they are ;not for what we want them to be.


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