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Hi my dearies,I know it has been a while since you guys have heard from me…well lots of things have happened and it kept me busy…but as I was going through the drafts that awaited to be published…I came across this one which was incomplete i decided to complete it for a change…didn’t want it to lay there like a dumb friend.

Today’s topic that rushes to my mind is LOVE

I am not going to discuss the scientific aspect of it .For those who seek to understand this..let me tell you…u are reading the wrong blog..

For those who just want to read something interesting and just taste a piece of candy in terms of reading ,welcome!!!!

Love is a feeling that is wrapped in so many boxes that each time you open a box ,there is a secret message that unfolds.It can be spicy,salty,bitter ,sweet and sometimes there is no taste at all.

Well let me elaborate on this..

we love our parents for no particular reason and that love is like a chocolate that can keep changing in its taste but is devoid of ultimate satisfaction..

Then there is a someone whose sight makes you freeze like a piece of  ice candy, but somehow does not seem to connect to you.This my friend is infatuation ,another form of love.. the message that you receive in this particular box is…congratulations!!You have won yourself Rs.5 which is of no particular use to you ,in this inflated world.

And then after some years ,when you forget  that feeling and your tongue is about to become numb, you bump into a somebody who is more like a dark chocolate, something that you would rarely pick in a store,but the best thing about dark chocolate is that it is good for your mental and physical health .This chocolate gives you the energy that all the dull years of bachelorhood didn’t give you.It makes you high and somehow there is this slight sweetness towards the end.

But the pack it comes in, is not usually very appealing , there is a cover ,which is usually hard to open.Then there is a a silver foil,that looks like a piece of cake, to tear open, but little does one realize, that all the crumbling and wear and tear in the golden wrap has caused it to become a deadly weapon.It can be lethal, if it cuts your finger.Finally there is a piece of plastic wrap…which is of no particular use to you.After all your efforts of cutting through the different layers,you find the most perfect dark chocolate waiting to be consumed by you…the more you taste it ,the more you love to indulge yourself in it.If you do it right and if you are lucky ,you might even find pieces of sweet little orange candy crystals in it too…

For my age and experience , this is all i know about love,i am not sure if my craving for dark chocolate would ever end but I am sure with the kind of maturity in me, I don’t think I will opt for any other chocolate.

Here is a song i personally love about love 

Hope you enjoyed the read!



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A day in my life

As it rained outside my flat in Mumbai, I sipped the coffee I had just made and stared out of the french windows of my living room, to watch children rejoicing and running to the playground in front of our apartment. They were extremely happy playing in the rain. It was a mix of pink and grey skies, not cloudy but it looked as though the place had suddenly been blessed. It felt so good.. Just the sound of rain, kids playing football directing each other on how to pass and nothing else.

The room’s soft smell of lemon disinfectant, the concoction of first rain and earth was suddenly overpowered with the aroma of fresh pakodas and kachauris made across the street.

My roommate Vidya interrupted the silence as she walked in from the bedroom, gazed at the sight out of our window and said “Wow! What a sight” and I nodded in agreement. “Let me go and get some kachauris”, I told her. I handed the coffee mug over to Vidya and asked her to hold it for me. She sipped and commented “Wow that’s nice!”

So I go to my room, take my wallet hurry to the nearby Sai sweetshop and buy some hot hot kachauris and glazed hot golden jalebis. The shopkeeper wrapped them in a color printed newspaper that held reports of some MLA giving a speech somewhere in Marathi. The shop keeper then put it in a white polythene bag for me. After paying him I ran to cross the street with the bag, entered my apartment, pressed the button of the elevator and quickly hit 2.

I opened the door which was left ajar on my way to the sweetshop to see the gleaming face of Vidya. She exclaimed, “Dilnechi come fast, the sun is about to set…you will miss the view”.  I then tore open the packet and offered her the jalebi and kachauris. We devoured on it, like the kids who were out on the streets.. The tangy and flavorsome kachauris and the sweet  syrup that burst as we cut through the crust of the thin golden jalebis; we were tasting a piece of heaven and our friendship that had started as strangers to books to innocent adventures together added more magic to that moment.

The kids in the playground were free, running and paying in the rain. They were laughing and dancing. We watched them through our window, giggled, talked and argued to add another wonderful moment to our friendship.